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April 8, 2022 | OncoBone article

April 8, 2022

Partnership with Aurora Health Sciences

OncoBone is excited to announce partnership with the health tech start-up company Aurora Health Sciences. Aurora’s mission is to promote human health by providing technological innovations to consumers for better monitoring, understanding and maintaining their health. The role of OncoBone in the partnership is to provide scientific expertise to projects aiming at developing Aurora’s innovations further, generating and securing new IP, and assisting in commercialization of the products. New releases on advancements will be announced later during the year.

Teemu Penttilä, CEO of Aurora Health Sciences says: “During the past 6 months we have already established a good working relationship with OncoBone, and we are happy to welcome them as scientific advisors in Aurora Health Sciences. We are confident that through their scientific expertise OncoBone can give strong support for our novel technological innovations to become a global breakthrough in supporting human health.”

Tiina Kähkönen, CSO of OncoBone comments: “Supporting and maintaining health is close to our hearts in OncoBone. Being asked to be involved in a company devoted for achieving this goal through novel technological innovations and natural products is a great honour for us. We strongly believe that together with Aurora Health Sciences we can have a global impact on improving human health.”

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