Life Science Partnering
OncoBone can assist you in establishing and managing your partnering networks.

Life science partnering

OncoBone can assist you in life science partnering by establishing and managing your partnering network for the services and licenses that you need, including contractual negotiations and making sure that contractual obligations are followed and managed properly.

Such partners can include for example pharmaceutical and biotech companies, CROs and other service providers, and academic organizations and research groups.

A broad range of partnering networks can be established and/or managed under this service. The following case examples can help you to understand the value of this service.

Pharma to academia partnering:

A pharma client would like to use a preclinical research model that an academic research group has developed and study the effects of their new drug compound in the model. OncoBone can contact the academic research group and negotiate the terms for conducting the study. OncoBone can further monitor the study, communicate the progress, and report the study outcome to the pharma client.

Academia to CRO partnering:

An academic research group has developed a novel patient-derived xenograft (PDX) model from a rare cancer type that they would like to sell the rights to a CRO that would use the model for commercial purposes. OncoBone can assist in identifying the CRO partner, negotiating the contract, and managing the transfer of the model to the CRO.

Pharma to CRO partnering:

See CRO benchmarking and Sales and Marketing support that are highlighted as separate services.

See also Search and Evaluation highlighted as separate service.



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