Scientific consulting
Scientific consulting can include for example general scientific advising, assisting in planning of studies or research programs, or interpretation of study results.

Scientific Consulting

OncoBone founders have a strong scientific background working in oncology and bone diseases. OncoBone offers scientific expertise especially in, but not limited to these fields.

Scientific consulting can include for example

Below you can find some examples of our scientific publications.

Preclinical oncology

Kähkönen TE, Suominen MI, Halleen JM, Bernoulli J 2021 Preclinical Bone Metastasis Models Chapter of a book ‘Animal Models for Development of Cancer Immunotherapy’ (invited book chapter). Wiley–Blackwell: ISBN-10 : 111953528X.

Preclinical osteoporosis / bone models

Clinical bone turnover markers

From our complete list of publications you can find out more about our contribution to research.

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