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Virtual CRO

OncoBone representatives have a long history of working in CRO business and a large global network of high-quality CRO partners. OncoBone now offers this expertise to our clients as a virtual CRO, which can include the following tasks:

  • Assisting in study planning
  • Identifying and evaluating CRO partners for the study
  • Asking quotes from potential CROs with the required expertise
  • Helping in selecting CROs for the study
  • Negotiating and signing contracts with the selected CROs after your approval
  • Preparing detailed Study Protocols with the CROs
  • Study monitoring as your representative Study Monitor
  • Interpretation of the data obtained
  • Preparing the Study Report together with the CRO
  • Being your only point-of-contact in the study
  • Being fully responsible for the study for you

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Oncology and immuno-oncology

CDX models in metastatic, orthotopic and subcutaneous settings; Specialty CDX models for bone metastasis; Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models; Syngeneic and humanized mouse models for immuno-oncology; In vitro and ex vivo assays

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Bone diseases

Animal models of osteoporosis; Organ-on-Chip models and animal models of osteoarthritis; Bone repair and fracture models; Bone safety studies; Bone metastasis models

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Other services and indications

If you are interested in preclinical models we are happy to guide you to discuss with subject matter experts in our partner CRO companies.

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