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November 10, 2021 | OncoBone article

November 10, 2021

Launching ‘Virtual CRO’ concept

OncoBone representatives have over 20 years of experience working in CRO business and are globally well networked with many CRO companies. OncoBone has assisted and continues to assist pharma and biotech companied by making referrals to our partner CROs and identifying new CRO partners through our CRO evaluation service, especially in our key fields of expertise oncology, immuno-oncology and bone diseases.

Based on valuable feedback obtained from our clients and after successful completion of multiple projects, OncoBone is happy to launch a new full-service ‘Virtual CRO’ concept.

Jussi Halleen, CEO of OncoBone says: “As a Virtual CRO, OncoBone works as a traditional CRO taking care of all duties associated with the CRO and being fully responsible for the studies to the client. The difference is that the work is outsourced to CROs carefully selected together with the client.”

Tiina Kähkönen, CSO of OncoBone adds: “The Virtual CRO concept allows us to better serve our clients by selecting best possible partners to carry out the work for their research projects. As a Virtual CRO, we are happy to take responsibility in planning and monitoring the studies together with the client and assisting in interpretation of the obtained results.”



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